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The course and symptoms of pemphigus will aid in diagnosing it from the bullous form of erythema (10).

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In reference to the several points of importance involved, we may briefly remark, first, that if this is a mental disorder we do not see why it cannot be certified as such by medical men, as well as any other mental disorder where there are no delusions, as happens not unfrequently in cases of suicidal and homicidal mania, melancholia, and achat even acute mania. Although our observations on the infectivity of the after blood have so far been made only on the experimental disease in monkeys, it seems probable that similar conditions will be found to obtain in measles in man. Human transmission of pneumocystis carinii pneumonia is suggested online by reports of cases in pneumocystis infections in symptomatic persons. About a year before the about admission of this case, a man was brought to the same ward, I was told that a case of apoplexy had been brought in, and that the man, his friends said, had been subject to fits. They are personally fat and lazy, and their' This is a literal translation of the text, but see the footnote suggested this emendation, on the ground that it is unlikely mg dWd TrdvTa opola Kal irdvTa Oela.

Sometimes by forcing questions for which there has tablets not been proper preparation, it may lead to very mischievous results.

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